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Frogs Gone Fishin' head out on the road this week for stops in Iowa, Chicago, Cincinnatti, New Jersey and New York. Make sure to check the Frogs' Website for more info and come out to the show to get a signed copy of Actual Natural... See you on the road!

Frogs Gone Fishin' End of Summer Tour!

Frogs Gone Fishin' End of Summer Tour 2011

Frogs Gone Fishin' - September Tour and Beyond!

It's been a hot summer in Colorado filled with fun festivals and great friends and now it's time for the band to hit the road! 

Frogs Gone Fishin' and Time2Fly Music announce partnership


Frogs Gone Fishin', along with the help of Mountain Size Records and Mountain Size Media are excited to announce a new partnership with Time2Fly Music in order to better bring the music of FGF to Texas, Oklahoma and the rest of the country. The Frogs welcome the Time2Fly family!

Mountain Size Records and Mountain Size Media Lend a Helping Hand

Mountain Size Records and Mountain Size Media, along with a group of talented local musicians, played a benefit show on April 15th at Yellow Feather Coffee.  All donations and proceeds went to the Red Cross efforts in Japan!  Thanks to Harrison Garcia of Mountain Size Media for putting the event together, and to all of the musicians who lent their talents.

Check out our Letter to the Red Cross:

MSR Letter to Japan Red Cross

Frogs Gone Fishin: Spring Tour 2011, Westword Music Showcase nominees, New Years 2010 on Bandcamp

             Music was always intended to be a group experience. Long before recording studios made it possible to document it, people gathered around fires and danced to songs played on hand-made instruments. For most of history, the only way to hear music was to do it as a community. Before the Iphone made it possible to purchase and instantly listen to any song you wanted no matter where you were, people gathered to watch musicians do what they do best.

An Update from Mountain Size

We here at Mountain Size Records and Mountain Size Media have been keeping busy these past few weeks, doing our best to become a fully working record company. With so much music in Colorado, it’s quite a task deciding which acts to help bring to the rest of the world! Indie record labels and booking agencies just have so many great options across so many different genres. Here are some of our personal favorites, or to put it another way, acts we’re currently working with to promote, produce, and distribute their great music.

Actual Nautral by Frogs Gone Fishin' RELEASED on Mountain Size Records!

The blog has been quiet and for good reason. We've all been very busy getting our first release out the door. That's right, Actual Natural by Frogs Gone Fishin' is officially released and ready for public consumption. So head on over to the Mountain Size Records store and pick up a a copy. We have it available in physical form or for immediate download.

Recording Drums with Frogs Gone Fishin' for Actual Natural

When we tracked drums for Actual Natural we booked 3 days (Fri - Sun) to get 13 songs completed. This is a very ambitious undertaking but not impossible as long as the band is ready. Heck, I've seen bands come in, setup, and record drums, bass, rhythm guitar, guitar solos, and acoustic part AND scratch vocals for 10 songs in ONE DAY and they were great tracks. With that same band, a horn section came in the next day and did horn parts (while arranging on the fly) for those same 10 songs - all keepers. I was blown away.

Actual Natural Review in Westword!

Jon Solomon reviewed Actual Natural by Frogs Gone Fishin'. Here is what he had to say,

Recording Bass with Frogs Gone Fishin' for Actual Natural

Ah, bass. That lovely low end gets our booties shakin' and we love it when it's mean, when it's nice, and even when it's playful.

Bass guitar for the Frogs Gone Fishin' record was very straight forward. Steven has a great Fender Jazz that we recorded all the songs with, direct, into a Sebatron VMP-4000e with just a little bit of DBX 160x handling light compression duties. Steve later came back and changed it up a bit using a G&L L-2000 and a Tobias on a couple of different tunes a different sound. For example, the G&L is heard on the song Cage.

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